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    Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa Velez is of Puerto Rican descent and grew up in New York City but attended high school at North Miami Senior High School in North Miami Beach, Fl, where she was raised by her step mother and her father Will Garcia. The group released their debut album Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam with Full Force in 1985. She was signed by Columbia Records and the label leased their single "I Wonder If I Take You Home" to the European division of CBS Records for the compilation album Breakdancing. Stateside club DJs began playing the single from the import LP, and thus the U.S. division of CBS, Columbia Records, released the record. It quickly became a chart-topper on Billboard's Hot Dance/Disco chart. It then crossed over to the R&B chart where it peaked at #6, and then to the pop chart, peaking at #34 in summer 1985. The single eventually went gold.

"I Wonder If I Take You Home" was followed by another club hit, "Can You Feel the Beat", which also went to #40 on the R&B chart in late 1985. A sampling of the lyrics of this song would later be used by Nina Sky for their hit single "Move Ya Body" in 2004. Their third single, the ballad "All Cried Out", also went gold, going to number #3 R&B and #8 pop in summer 1986. "All Cried Out" was later covered by Allure in 1997 and was a hit in 1998. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam with Full Force went platinum.

Their second album, Spanish Fly, was a huge success in 1987. It spawned two #1 pop hits, "Head to Toe" and "Lost in Emotion", both of which went gold and both of which sported a retro Motown flavor mixed with the Freestyle sound they were known for. "Head to Toe" also parked at #1 R&B for two weeks, and with its strong Mary Wells influence, "Lost in Emotion" did as well. Spanish Fly went platinum, peaking at #7 on the album chart. Other singles from the album were the ballad "Someone to Love Me for Me" b/w "Spanish Fly" , "Everything Will B-Fine. "In between albums they released "Go For Yours" which was featured in the movie Caddyshack II and is found on its soundtrack exclusively.

1989's Straight to the Sky was a moderate hit that included the Top 30 pop/#3 R&B single, "Little Jackie Wants to Be a Star", as well as the club hit "Just Git It Together". Two decades later, their hit song would inspire the name of the group Little Jackie.

Their fourth and final album, Straight Outta Hell's Kitchen, was less of a commercial success, though it did include a hit with "Let the Beat Hit 'Em", which reached the pop Top 40 and was a #1 hit on both the R&B and club charts. The group disbanded in 1991. Velez pursued both solo and acting careers, and Moseley and Hughes went on to do other projects.

Lisa Lisa released a solo album called LL77 in 1994, which included the moderate club hit "When I Fell In Love" and the notable single "Skip To My Lu", which hit #38 on the R&B chart. She resurfaced circa 2001 on the Nickelodeon series Taina, in which she played the title character's mother.

Lisa Lisa is set to release her second solo album on Mass Appeal Entertainment, just before the summer of 2009. On June 24, Lisa Lisa was at the 2008 BET Awards presenting an award for the show.

I Wonder If I TakeYou Home:
Can You Feel The Beat:


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    Lil Suzy
Lil' Suzy is regarded as one of the top freestyle singers and was best known for the club hit "Take Me in Your Arms," which charted at #67 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1992 and was named Billboard magazine's Best New Dance Artist that year. In 2002, she released a Greatest Hits album that included rerecorded versions of most of these songs.
In the past, she opened a nail salon in Staten Island. Lil Suzy toured with Lisette Melendez and Angel Clivillés, the original lead singer of the 1980s–1990s girl group The Cover Girls. The trio performs as S.A.L.

Take Me In Your Arms:


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    Debbie Deb
Debbie Deb was born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in North Miami Beach, Florida. A music aficionado from a young age, she was "discovered" at the age of 16 by producer Pretty Tony at a Miami record store where she was working. While Debbie had no formal training in singing, she had been singing most of her life. Pretty Tony told her that he liked the way she spoke and asked if she could sing, and she answered yes. They recorded "When I Hear Music," which she co-wrote with Pretty Tony in his studio the very next day. Released on the Jam Packed record label in 1984, the song has since become a staple in clubs and on dance and urban radio stations and mixshows. Other hits followed, including "Lookout Weekend", "I Wanna Work It Out", "There's A Party Going On", "I Wanna Dance," and a remake of Connie's 1980s Latin freestyle classic "Funky Little Beat".

However, Deb was overweight and suffered from low self-esteem, and found her sudden fame difficult to cope with. She was crushed when her record company decided not to put her picture on the sleeves of her records and, in a Milli Vanilli-esque move, even hired an "impostor" to perform and pose as "Debbie Deb". As a result, she made little, if any, money from her hit singles, and was so hurt by the experience that she stopped singing for years, relying on her work as a hairdresser to make ends meet.

Deb finally resurfaced on the recording scene in 1995 with the album She's Back. Now living near Philadelphia, she continues to work as a hair stylist and also keeps busy performing frequent concerts around the United States, especially "freestyle revival" shows with artists like Lisa Lisa, The Cover Girls, and Shannon. Gwen Stefani has cited Deb as an influence, and in the summer of 2006, Janet Jackson featured a cover version of "Lookout Weekend" on her Web site.

When I Hear Music :
Look Out Weekend:


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Trinere is a recording artist who had several major dance hits in the 1980's, and early 90's.
She recorded with several record companies, mostly out of Miami, Florida; known for its output of popular Freestyle music. Trinere's music is mostly produced by popular Miami D.J. "Pretty Tony" Butler. Many consider her the "Queen of Freestyle".[citation needed] Her most notable chart successes were her album "Forever Yours" (Pandisc, 1991), which peaked in the lower 30's on Billboard's "Hot Black Albums" chart for several weeks, and her single "I'll Be All You Ever Need", which raced up the "Hot Dance Singles", and "Hot Club Play" charts on Billboard in the summer of 1986.

A Miami native she always wanted to sing professionally since the age of five. After graduating from high school, Trinere went on to study music at the University of Miami, Florida.

Trinere was influenced and inspired by singers Donna Summer, Natalie Cole, Phillis Hyman, Madonna, and Janet Jackson. During college, Trinere was the lead vocalist for a popular band in Coconut Grove, Florida, called "Euphoria". Upon finishing her studies at the University of Miami, Trinere spent some time working with the music artist Rick James and his group the Mary Jane Girls.

In 1984, Trinere met famed dance freestyle and Electro/Hip-Hop producer Tony Butler in Miami. Tony (a.k.a. Pretty Tony) was making quite a name for himself. The style of Electro/Hip-Hop Tony Butler was producing along with Freestyle was so close that it was inevitable for Tony Butler to cross genres and experiment exclusively with Freestyle music. With Trinere's dynamic voice, striking beauty, and ability to captivate an audience with her energetic presence and dance moves on the stage, and Pretty Tony's ingenious creativity, these two were the first to create the "true" Miami sound. This sound is known today as "Freestyle". Upon the release of her first single, "All Night," a Freestyle classic was instantly born and Trinere became the reigning diva of the Miami Freestyle dance scene.

Pretty Tony was able to incorporate sounds that would captivate and solidify a large Latin fan base, which spread all over the U.S., Europe, and South America, with Brazil being Trinere's favorite. With hits on the charts and selling millions of records around the world, Trinere began to tour extensively.

Later that year, Trinere followed her success of her first single with "How Can We Be Wrong," and" Can’t Get Enough." A re-mix for "All Night" was also released. With one successful Freestyle single after another, the logical next step was to release a full-length album.

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    Stacey Swain
Stacey Swain "Stacey Q" was born on November 30, 1958 in Fullerton, California.She is the youngest of three children.Her mother, Joyce Swain, was a dog breeder whose Cardigan Welsh Corgis have appeared in various Hollywood films and television series. From the beginning, Swain demonstrated a passion for music, dance and theater. She once stated in a 1989 interview that she had asked for dance lessons as early as age three, but her mother "made me wait until I was five".By 1963, Swain was studying classical ballet and aspired to become a ballerina. In her spare time, she would spend hours with friends listening to records.

Throughout the 1960s, Swain auditioned for singing parts in various live operas and community theater performances.Although she impressed friends with her singing ability, she mainly spent time focusing on dance training. In 1969, at the age of ten, Swain became the youngest member of the Dance Theater of Orange County, a local company that performed at benefit shows in Anaheim.Swain spent a total of eleven years studying ballet and flamenco dancing.

In 1970 Swain became an entertainer at Disneyland while completing dance training at the Wilshire Theater of Arts in Los Angeles.For three years, Swain participated in the Fantasy on Parade, an annual event scheduled every Christmas at the theme park. She performed in costume as the "Dutch Puppet", a name she used as a publishing alias during her early recording career.In 1972 she began attending Loara High School. After her graduation in 1976, Swain auditioned for and won a position in the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, where she performed her first year as a showgirl and her second year as an elephant rider. In 1977 she left Disneyland and the circus for a career in the recording industry.

Swain started concentrating more on singing following her completion of dance training. Her first official singing project began on Los Angeles radio, where she would introduce and announce programs impersonating members of The Go-Go's. She also worked at other locations across Southern California, according to her mother Joyce Swain:
One time Stacey was a hostess at Ruby Pagonia's. She also worked as a cashier for the valet parking lot at the Mariott. She dyed her hair magenta, they suggested it was a little too wild for their employees. She was nineteen at the time. It was kind of funny because they wanted to keep her on because they really liked her work so they suggested she dye her hair back. She said, "Not on your life!" and was out of there.

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